About World Hair System

Merging Two Worlds

When Mette H. Menotti first started World Hair System® at the beginning of the millennium, this e-commerce site stood out from all the rest. It was the first and only online retailer to offer exclusively Bohyme® Hair. Simply stated, “we only wanted to work with the finest hair and products available.”

Shortly thereafter, Mette decided to open World Hair Institute servicing hair extensions and hair replacement clients only – a gem in the heart of downtown Chicago.

By merging these two worlds together, Mette and her staff of stylists have been able to pass our “hands on approach”, and our professional knowledge and experience, to you our customer. We have and will always support and assist you with any hair related needs that you may have.

We have the knowledge to support you full circle!

We work with hair extensions and hair replacements, we add 2 hairs at a time to a client’s existing hair (Micro Point Links), along with creating full custom wigs & top pieces. We service our hair extension clients based on more than 25 different methods of attachment. Products are used on our clients as you would working on your own clients. We wear our hair extensions as you or your clients would also wear yours. Also, we have visited hair factories abroad and understand how the hair is produced and processed. We have knowledge and practise the entire circuit of what we ourselves use and sell.

In many areas, we work hand in hand with the Bohyme® company. We assist Bohyme® in developing new products and have done so for many years. We have worked with Bohyme® at many trade shows throughout the USA, showcasing a vast majority of the methods of attaching hair extensions that we offer. We have also done photo shoots and short video’s with Bohyme® of Bohyme® hair and methods, taught at seminars for Bohyme®, and most importantly, we always pass on any beneficial feedback that you may have about the Bohyme® products. So keep the feedback coming!

Hopefully, you are assured that you are in good hands, and know that you can always expect a professional reply from us.

“Only The Best Is Good Enough”, will always be our motto!

You as our customer, salon owner, stylist, and your clients, deserve only the very best.

Please don’t hesitate to call, email or text us, with your needs in the world of hair!

On behalf of the team at World Hair System, we wish you the best of hair days always!


With heartfelt regards,

Mette H. Menotti

President & Founder of World Hair System