Endura Bond


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Will give you 4 to 6 weeks hold or more! Works particularly well ensuring Skin wefted Hair or by applying on top of our Super Tape, Air Flex strips or use directly when attaching Hand Tied or Regular Wefted hair. For Wigs or Top Pieces use the Endura bond direct or on top of Tape.

Endura Bond has been specially formulated to keep crystallization to a minimum. For permanent attachment use only a very thin bead on the track of the wefts or Tape area on the Skin weft or perimeter of the hair unit. Can provide up to 6 weeks hold but will vary from person to person due to differences in perspiration, oils and how much you Shampoo! Endura-Bond is skin safe and approved for use in the medical Industry.

Use Endura-Bond sparingly. Unlike other adhesives that "fail" when exposed to moist conditions, Endura-Bond actually "cures" when exposed to water. Endura-Bond is used extensively in the Hair Replacement Industry to provide "Permanent Attachment". Each bottle has a screw-on lid which preserves the life of the adhesive and dispensing bottle.

Go the safe wayJ! Our adhesive does NOT contain formaldehyde, lead or mercury, which have started to become a huge issue in the hair industry!

Endura Bond Adhesive 1 oz.

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