Adjustable Thermal Fusion Pot – PRO


Adjustable Thermal Fusion Pot – PRO

The strongest sturdiest, and most solid Fusion Hot Pot on the Market; the name appropriately is “Fight”.
The Pot is electronically temperature controlled; it heats from 212F – 842F/100C – 450C. You can heat up any fusion in no time guaranteed!

Use for making Strand by Strand or Wefted Hair Extensions.

Different Fusion types have different melting points. You don’t want to damage your client’s hair with overheated Fusion; also you don’t want to make attachments that do not last long due to under heated Fusion.

You can use this Pot for all kinds of Fusion: Works excellent with our regular and X-Large Fusion Sticks and Fusion Bowls! 


Cover the inner side of the cup of the Pot with foil before adding any fusion. That way you keep it clean and nice! It will make it easy for you to switch from one color or kind of Fusion to another. You can also use this Fusion Pot together with our Fusion Bowls that each come in a Foil cup. There will be no mess or waste of time cleaning up the bowl. s in smaller pieces before adding to the pre heated Pot.

If you want to use Fusion Sticks; cut the Stick

For best results melt only smaller amounts of Fusion at a time – suggestion; approximately 1 oz/30 g. Apply only when Fusion is completely liquefied.

We have heard so many times from Extensionists “Hear that great sound - it is sizzling”. We disagree completely. There is nothing great about that sound - No Fusion should boil but only melt or liquefy enough for you to dip the hair in the Fusion. Think about your client’s hair; the less heat the less stress on the hair! That’s why we love Adjustable Thermal Tools!

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