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When do you have seminars?

2 (two) day Seminars: In general Sundays and Mondays
4 (four) day Seminars: Saturday to Tuesday
If you need alternative days or want to add more days to your education, please call, fax or email us.

Where are you Located!

We are located downtown Chicago at World Hair Institute, 77 W. Washington, Suite 1306, Chicago IL. 60602. This is where we usually have our Seminars. If you are interested in Seminars of two or more days and you sign up for at least 5 people we can come to you whether it is in or out of the United States. We have flexibility in our system so please call, fax or email us for more detailed information.

How to sign up for a seminar?

You can contact us by phone: 312 213 4900 or email us at training@worldhairsystem.com.
Our Seminars usually fill up fast: It is recommended that you pay your deposit of $250 no later than 4 to 5 weeks prior to the start day of the Seminar. The full payment is due no later than 30 days in advance of the Seminar.

How many students have to sign up to run a seminar? How many Trainers per seminar?

We only start up Seminars when a minimum of 4 students has signed up. The maximum number of students in our Seminars is 14. You will always have the benefit of a minimum of two Master Trainers.

In order to attend a seminar do I have to buy any Tools & Accessories?

We have done our best to keep the prices at a minimum for the Seminars even though we have managed to include a Pro Kit or a Linking Kit and a Fusion Kit, one Mannequin Head (for the first Seminar you attend), Hair for practice during and after the Seminar. Also included are other tools and accessories that will both give you the important Hands On Training and will get you started when you are back at your Salon. Yes, it is all yours to keep when the Seminar is over!

Do I learn more than 1 Method per seminar?

Yes. You will learn at least 3 to 5 Methods per Seminar and combinations of them as well. Based on our experiences we have selected Methods for the different Seminars that we consider will give you the maximum benefit. If your needs are different than these, and if you sign up for a group of 5 or more people, you can call us to choose different combinations.
You also have the possibility of adding more days to your Seminar schedule so that you can learn more of our Methods.
Note! The Seminar in Hand Made Integrations and Top-Pieces can’t be combined with any other Methods in a 1 day Seminar.

Do I get a Certificate!

Everyone who has attended our Specialist Seminar will be awarded a certificate as a World Hair Extension Specialist in the specific Methods that they have learned in the Seminar!
Every one who has attended our Master Trainer Seminar will be awarded a certificate as a World Hair Master Trainer in their specific Methods!

Am I on my own after the Seminar?

We know from experience that there might be questions after your education. Therefore we will give you a call about 1 to 2 weeks after the Seminar and you are always more than welcome to call us; we will be there for you!

Do you make Costumer Referrals?

Yes. We make costumer referrals to the Salons/Stylists that have attended World Hair System? Seminars.


Rescheduling is possible one time only with a minimum of 30 days notice before the Seminar starts. The payment made will not be refunded but kept for payment of a similar Seminar taken within the following 12 months. This policy only applies to Seminars that are held in the Chicagoland Area. For details regarding registering for Seminars in which we travel to please email or call us.

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