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We are a team
For many years the World Hair System team has been making Hair Extensions. We have been searching the world over for the very best quality hair, the newest attachment methods, supplies, and tools. We come from diverse yet complimentary backgrounds: Model, Educator, Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, accountant etc. We all ended up working in the hair industry! As well as our origins are different such as: Scandinavian, American, European, and African. What we have in common is our dedication to the Hair Industry. Our combined experiences, no doubt, make us an incredible team.

Our own experiences are what inspired us to start WorldHairSystem®. After sifting through different suppliers in order to find good quality hair and then the company suddenly lowers their standards – but not their prices. Tools that didn’t really work as promised, classes and videos that promised everything but only gave half; there wasn’t any updated news or the teacher was hired without really haven’t any background in the Methods or products. We ended up dealing with several companies in order to find what we needed; that’s not cost or time efficient. What the market desperately needed was a one-Source hair Extension E-Tailer and so WorldHairSystem® was born.

We decided to make a difference
By providing a complete package of hair, tools, supplies, and education while still attending to our work in the salons we are able to keep up with the changing needs from our costumers, clients and students. Dedicated to consistently selling the very highest quality hair, tools and supplies as well as offering meaningful Education WorldHairSystem
® is the company that you can depend on.

Yes, we do sell Certified Organic Essential Oils!
We have not been satisfied with non ergonomic tools, Chemical dissolvers for Fusion, more clients are allergic e.g. Part of the Hair Salon business is more and more combined with Spa’s. We knew that some oils work great for scalp and hair. In order to give our costumers, clients, and students alternatives it made sense to us to look into the Essential Oil Industry; we for instance discovered some oils can dissolve Fusion! If use of Essential Oil most places uses non Organic which again means involvement of chemicals.

It all made sense to us to start a line of Certified Organic Essential Oils. We branded our line Heaven&Earth®

We can assist you
Our System can assist you with Hair, Certified Organic Essential Oils, supplies, tools, and Education. We have assured that you in our Educational System will learn at least two Extension Methods in every class! We utilize not less than over twenty different methods covering Hand Made Integrations, Clip-On Hair, Top-Pieces and the most updated Methods of attaching Hair Extensions. We have even invented Methods as well as different tools!

Our Motto is: Only the best is good enough for our costumers, Clients and Students!

We are looking forward to assist you in any way we can!

Yours truthfully,
The Team of WorldHairSystem®

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