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Intro to our Educational System

Why settle for just being a Hair Extensionist when we can train you to be a Hair Extension Specialist? Armed with extensive knowledge about a variety of different Methods of Extensions a fully trained Hair Extension Specialist even has an open door to become a “Master Trainer of Hair Extensions”.

If you just want to settle on being a Hair Extensionist, save your time and stop reading any further….

..still reading.. you made a very smart and sincere choice! A World Hair System Education is just what you need to make you stand out in the crowd.

A lot of those who do Hair Extensions have been taught only a single method; if you don’t want to just be a follower but wish to become a real leader in the hair industry then knowing one single Method is far too limiting. After a while in the business you will realize that a single Method does not work for everybody. Hair types as well as client expectations differ; that is why the ability to apply different Methods of Extensions is extremely valuable.

There are clients who have very specific expectations of having Hair Extensions. Some will be coming to you with problems like extreme dry hair or a previous bad experience like breakage caused by a choice of wrong attachment methods from their last Extensionist. They will certainly be very pleased when you offer them an alternative to the Method that was preformed at the Salon they came from. The best alternative may even be a combination of Methods. The training you will receive from World Hair System assures that you will learn at least two different Methods every time you take a class.

We have also considered time and prices. Not all your clients can afford the most expensive Methods or they don’t have those 4 to 6 hours that some Methods require. You can have the competitive edge by being able to offer more choices to your clients who have considerations of the time and/or money spent on a Hair Extension session. Our own experience speaks for the fact that the best way to build your following and attract new clients is by being not only talented and knowledgeable but versatile as well. The unique Education and Training from World Hair System will benefit your career by providing you the opportunity to be a “Hair Extension Specialist”.

Remember: In order to expand your possibilities let your client’s Salon Experiences be guided by your knowledge, not by your limitations.

We are looking forward to see you in class!

The Team of WorldHairSystem®

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