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The World Of Modern Hair Extensions

2-Day Seminar Vol. I

Date: No set dates – please call for more information and to be signed up on our waiting list

Place: World Hair Institute, 77 W. Washington, Suite 1306, Chicago IL. 60602 

Class hours

1st Day:   9:00 am – 5:30 pm

2nd Day: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm 

Price: $1375. Kit included.

Discount for Travelers from out of State: $200- 

If more than one person is signing up from the same Salon each additional person is $850. No Kit included.  


Welcome to the World of Modern Hair Extensions Vol. I

Below is an overview of some of the topics that will be covered in this 2-Day Seminar. You will get exposed to many new and exciting methods that you easily can implement at your Salon. 

For further information or to sign up for this seminar please call: 1.888.HAIR.477 (1.888.424.7477)

We look forward to seeing you at the Seminar.

The Team of World Hair System®!

Detailed Program will be sent out after signing up for this Seminar. 

Short Overview 

Method: Pre-Tipped Individuals & Strand by Strand

Uses strands of Hair that have different Shaped Tips: The attachments are made by carefully connecting the Tip to Strands of the client’s hair. The Tip is attached by using a Heated or low-level laser Bonding Applicator. You will also learn how to make, and repair Tipped hair! Hands-on 

Method: Linking on Weft

Using small "Micro Links" or “Silicone lined Micro Links” attached on the weft. The Extension is attached with a “cross” technique using the client’s own hair. Hands-on 

Method: Linking Double Hair

Hand Tied Hair is prepped and attached to the client’s hair using nothing else but “Micro-Links”, “Silicone-lined Micro Links”, or “Trumpet-Links” The Method provides great fullness & flexibility and is extremely seamless. Developed by World Hair System®. Hands-on

Method: Individual Linking

Pre-Tipped I-Shaped Hair is attached by using “Micro-Links”, “Silicone-Lined Micro Links”, or “Trumpet-Links” to strands of the client’s hair. The Method is a healthy alternative to Cold Fusion, Hot Fusion and other Pre-Tipped Methods of attaching Hair Extensions. World Hair System® improved this Method in order to prevent any kind of sliding. Hands-on 

Method: Tape In Take Out™ & 2 Tape Methods Using Wefted Hair

Tape In Take Out™ Hair Extensions are one of the latest Methods in the Hair Extension industry due to the extreme seamlessness and the speed of attaching the hair - a full head within one to two hours! The hair is used together with a Medical Graded Tape that can last as long as regular hair extensions. In addition, there will be hands-on training of other Methods under this subject of attaching Hand Tied and Regular Wefts. Hands-on 

In this seminar we will reveal our latest invention at World Hair System®: a Method that we have tested in and out and have found to be flexible, fast, reusable, and seamless; it simply gives gorgeous results! 

Additional Workshops

How to set your prices

How to do a consultation

How to prepare a client

How to choose your Method compared to the client’s hair condition and desire

Placement of Hair Extensions

Challenges that your client’s hair might give you and solutions

Quality versus lower quality hair

Selecting hair colors, textures, and length

Highlights and Lowlights

Combining Methods

How to make attachments of extensions look natural and non detectable

Attaching, tightening, and detaching Hair Extensions compared to the different       Methods

Cut & Style

How to make your client responsible for taking care of their Extensions

When to schedule the next appointment for your client

How to build a successful Hair Extension Business 

Material included for the above mentioned Methods

Included in price: 1 Pro Kit or 1 Linking Kit and 1 Fusion Kit (value of about $400) which includes: 1 Pro adjustable Bonding applicator, Trumpet-Links, Micro-Links, Silicone Lined Micro Links, Fusion Pearls, 1 Pulling Needle with 3 exchangeable needles (small, medium and large), 5 ‘one hole hair shield protectors’, 1oz World Hair System All Natural Fusion Removerâ, 1 color ring included. 

1 Mannequin Head with Table holder for practice in class and for you to take home with you for future practice. Pre Tipped & Hand Tied & Wefted Hair for practice. 1 Straight Needle, 1 Roll of Translucent Thread, Tape In Take Out™ Hair, Tape In® Tape, Strips of Pro Tac (Double Sided skin safe Tape) 

You will get “Easy To Follow“ papers on most of the above topics to take with you back home J

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